PLASMOfab organizied a project session at the Annual Meeting of the European Optical Society taking place in Berlin Germany, 26-30 October. Members of the consortium will present the project objectives and main outcomes achieved during the first 8 months of the project. Specifically the following talks wil be given:
1. "The PLASMOfab project and an overview of plasmo-photonic integration"
Dr. Dimitris Tsiokos from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in Greece will give an overview of the project covering the overall motivation and concept of PLASMOfab, the technical objectives and main achievements regarding the photonic/plasmonic structures for thin-film and hybrid slot configurations. 
2. "Investigation of CMOS-compatible metals"
Prof. Alain Dereux from the Universite de Bourgogne in France will present results on the investigation of CMOS metals including refractive indices and SPP propagation length measurements, optimization of the CMOS metal quality and functionalization methodologies for surface stabilization of copper. 
3. "CMOS fabrication of PLASMOfab": 
Dr. Anna Lena Giesecke from AMO in Germany will discuss the fabrication landscape of PLASMOfab from a CMOS fab perspective. Within Tthe talk will present the methodology followed in PLASMOfab is presented including materials, dimensions and fabrication tools along with the main challenges introduced in a CMOS fab.

The full program of the conference and session can be found here: