PLASMOfab announces the formation of a Market Advisory Board that will help the consortium to identify clear user needs in the Healthtech sector. Through this process, ongoing development of the lab-on-chip technology of PLASMOfab will be steered towards addressing real diagnostics pitfalls and future market trends. PLASMOfab consortium acknowledges that ICT, smart systems and IoT technologies will revolutionize healthcare over the next decade towards personalized and point of care medicine. PLASMOfab aims to develop the underpinning technology that will be the back-bone of this new era. In this context, the Advisory Board constitutes a team of healthcare stakeholders with complementary life science and market expertise as follows:

  • EITHealth Executive
  • Molecular Biology Expert
  • Immunology Expert
  • Medical Doctors (incl. Pathology, Hematology, Oncology)
  • Diagnostics/Clinical Experts
  • Entrepreneurs
  • VC Analyst

The Board will provide feedback on the market requirements and on the technology specifications of PLASMOfab as the means to best solve real medical problems and improve healthcare.