PhosNET and PLASMOfab at PIC international conference 2017

PIC International Conference:The crossroad of the global PIC trends

PhosNET research group from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in Greece is announcing its attendance at the upcoming PIC International Conference, a must attend event for the global integrated photonics community. The mission of the PhosNET research group is to conduct applied research in photonics for next generation functional components, systems and networks that aim to address current and short-coming societal challenges in datacom, telecom and sensing applications. PhosNET (member of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki - AUTH) has recently joined the "Center for Interdisciplinary Research and Innovation"-(CIRI). CIRI is AUTH's new initiative for growing excellence in interdisciplinary and industry oriented research that fully complies with PhosNET's long term strategy and vision. Building on the deep-rooted links and strategic alliances established with major PIC industrial players in Europe, PhosNET aims to combine innovation in photonics technology with high market value and commercialization potential.

"We're very entusiastic for our participation at the PIC International conference 2017 and for being part of this momentous event that brings together the best in the PIC business in a balanced mixture of industry and research. Bringing functional density of PICs next to mass production capabilities must be the driver behind photonics applied research. In this context, PIC International conference is the best opportunity for aligning research efforts with industrial challenges"

dimitris_tsiokos.jpg  Dimitris Tsiokos, Senior Researcher and Project Manager at PhosNET, explains. "In March we'll be reporting the progress on integrated plasmo-photonics at our group and our colaborators and how the PIC market can benefit from a common integration platform between plasmonics and CMOS photonics."

"Integrated plasmonics may be the answer to many challenges introduced in the ICT industry like datacom or biosensing. However compatibility with mass manufacturing technology and ease of fabrication will be the key conditions that if met, will boost technology acceptance and will accelerate time to market".

PLASMOfab is a HORIZON2020 collaborative project led by PhosNET that aims to transform plasmonics from a promising scientific hypothesis to a tangible and powerfull PIC technology. More information can be found

"We are looking forward in sharing our vision with the PIC community and witnessing the very latest outcomes at the PIC International conference in March. We encourage colleagues from Europe and the rest of the world to link with their peers and benefit from the forefront of PIC technology at this unique event in Brussels".

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phos_lab.jpg PhosNET laboratory and offices are based at the newly established Center for Interdisciplinary Research and Innovation (CIRI) – Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in Greece.

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